Kinross Tennis Club

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Club Rules

To ensure everyone's continued enjoyment of club facilities and for everyone's safety please ensure you adhere to the following club rules:

1 Anyone playing on the courts must be a member of the Tennis Club and must wear their club shoe tag. Anyone without a shoe tag will be asked to leave the court, unless visitor fees have been paid.

2 Anyone found vandalising the courts, nets or any item owned by the Club will be required to pay for any damage they have done.

3 If people are waiting to play on the Courts, the players on the court should play for half an hour only and then give up the court to people who have been waiting. The Committee suggests that doubles matches should be played where possible when the Courts are busy.

4 Juniors are not allowed access to the Clubhouse unless there is an adult present.

5 Please dispose of your rubbish either in the clubhouse litter bin, or take it home with you. Empty cans and plastic bottles can be placed in the recycling box in the clubhouse.

6 All members must ensure that they lock the gate when they leave. The Committee would also suggest that Juniors lock the gate after entering the courts as this will deter non-members from entering the Courts.

7 Proper tennis shoes must be worn; no black soled or ridged shoes should be worn as these damage the courts.

8 Please refrain from chewing gum on the tennis courts.

9 Members may bring visitors to the Club. Visitor fees of £5 per person should be handed to a committee member promptly, or alternatively placed in an envelope and marked for the attention of the treasurer and placed in the club mailbox.

10 Floodlights are strictly not to be used after 10pm.

11 Damage to club property MUST be reported. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you break anything or find equipment that is damaged or broken.